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The Bellver Castle




Bellver Castle is a Gothic style castle on a hill 3 km to the west of the center of Palma, some 112 metres above sea level. It was built between 1300 and 1311 on the instructions of the King James II of Mallorca. However, the criterion behind the construction of Bellver Castle was defensive strategies. It was also conceived as a fortified palace where governors could safely take refuge in times o jeopardy and the monarchs used for longer or shorter stays.

It is inside the castle that its exquisite grandeur can be seen to full effect, while it can also be observed that it was conceived to act as a royal residence as well as a fortress, finished off in refined, elegant style. Inside Bellver Castle, its designers conceived a circular parade ground with twenty-one semicircular arches, while on the upper level, a gallery was designed with a typically Gothic ceiling of ribbed vaults,with forty-two ogee arches. The two floors were linked by three spiral staircases, one of which was modified in modern times to provide better access.

Virtual 3D tour – Castell de Bellver, Mallorca

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